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As a small company Middstate Towing Company relies on the reviews and comments of happy customers to spread the word when we do a good job. Please take a moment and follow one of the below links to provide comments on your experience with Middstate Towing Company.

Past Customer Reviews

"Easter Sunday morning and a flat tire at church – you promptly came to our rescue – thank you."

Andy A.

"Excellent response and service! Couldn't have been any better!"

Chris K.

"Several nights ago, I ended up in quite a predicament. Long story short the car had one wheel over a high curb and the other resting against a concrete wall. MiddState towing was there in 15 minutes from the time I called. The driver Joe was professional, friendly and most of all reassuring that everything would turn out okay. To my eyes, I thought no way he could get this car out without taking out the whole undercarriage. He came prepared, a few well-placed boards, a jack, a few adjustments with the wrecker and voila my car was on the wrecker and then gently lowered to the ground again. He checked the undercarriage again, making sure all was well. Took the time to direct me out of the lot to make the steering was working well. Soon I was on my way home. I cannot say enough about this company. They are quick to respond, arrive in uniform, identify themselves and are well prepared for ANY towing situation. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up to MiddState Towing. Thanks Again"

Jackie A, Bristol, VT

"Thanks for the tow last Saturday. I appreciate the time taken to help troubleshoot the problem. Also, the timely response to the call."


"I'd like to thank Joe for his prompt and professional response this past Friday when I turned my car over off the road in Ripton. His quick work and good humor was just what I needed. Thank you!"

Elisa S.

"Thanks for the great service Thursday night. Your timeliness and care were greatly appreciated."

Paul & Julie V, Bristol, VT.